- Sami & Jak -

Sami & Jak's wedding at Hunton Park, Hertfordshire was too beautiful for words... but we thought we would share some anyway! 

It’s Feb 2015, we’re sat in a little cafe with coffees on the order and  Sami & Jak are discussing the plans for their wedding which is over a year away. We got as far as glasshouse, a 17 guest wedding breakfast, no speeches and a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, and they had us hooked- We had to shoot this wedding!

Sami & Jak are not only fantastic people but are a great example of how your wedding should be a day of doing exactly what you want to do! From the get go both Sami & Jak had stressed how they wanted their day to be about everyone coming together for a fantastic celebration, their focus was definitely on their guests and not themselves. 

For this reason it was important for them to only get married in front of their closets family members, 15 adults and 2 children in fact! Hunton Park’s glass room in Kings Langley was the perfect location for such an intimate  event.  Neither of us had photographed such a small ceremony before, but we both agreed a we would do it again in a heartbeat - The ceremony felt like one of the most personal we had every been a part of. Charlie & Daisy, Jaks’ niece and nephew practiced their walking for the isle and did it on cue with perfection. (Poor Charlie actually got quite upset after the ceremony stating, ‘He was just so happy for them’!)

The fantastic staff at Hunton Park then turned the ceremony room around into a beautiful single table for all 17 wedding guests to have their wedding breakfast. Sami & Jak decided not to have any speeches as Sami’s parents are Chinese and the best man was Spanish- too much would be lost in translation! 

Come the afternoon another 80 guests arrived and the party fell into full swing. There was a traditional Chinese tea ceremony on the lawn which consisted of tea being pasted to family elders from the Bride and Groom, the cake cutting of Sami’s amazing self made cake and dancing galore.

Thank you Sami & Jak for having such a beautiful day- there were many firsts for us, but will certainly be one we will not forget.

Pascale James champagne toast photography