Why Two: Do I Need Two Photographers At My Wedding?

Glamorous Garden Wedding,

So it’s been the must-have for all weddings couples over the last few years. The rise of the ‘second shooter!’ But do you really need one? What does it actually mean? And how will they help make your wedding the perfect day you’ve been dreaming of.

Having two photographers attend your wedding is a great way to ensure that your wedding will actually be photographed! What happened if one photographer had a family emergency or injured themselves? Although most photographers have great back-up plans for this type of situation, having another photographer guaranteed to turn up already is just fool-proof really!

Outdoor Garden Ceremony

You might have all the perfect ideas of how your wedding photos will look, but occasionally us photographers come against limitations on where and how we can shoot. This is particularly true during the ceremony, we may be told not to move during the service, or only to stand on one side. This is where having two photographers covering two angles can really help. This way we can easily capture everything you want without upsetting the person taking the ceremony, getting you in trouble and still remaining super subtle!

Outdoor Garden Ceremony

Wedding days involve A LOT of people management, and you can often end up with wondering Grandparents who are meant to be in a family group shot. So having one person finding family members, telling them where they need to be and advising on when we’ll need them for photos, whilst the other person is actually taking the photos always makes the day run so much smoother. (And makes the group shots much quicker- So more time for champagne!)

Bridesmaids, Groomsman Group Shot

One little last thing to think about is whether your photographer is offering ‘two photographers’ or a ‘second shooter’. You may not think there is much difference between the two, but there is! A second shooter could be someone who regularly works with your photographer or may just be a junior starting out who has never worked with that photographer before. They don’t know their style, their work flow, or know anything about you as a couple. Or the photographer (like us!) may be a kick-ass awesome-twosome! That is two, fully equipped, fully capable, wedding photography experts, who work together on every wedding and are fully committed to each couple and their big day.

Two Wedding Photographers

So there you go, I think you can probably tell that we think that having two photographers at your wedding day is definitely the way to go and takes the stress out of planning. If you want to know a little more about how we work together then click here to hear more (and meet Poppy the Cavapoo, the brains behind the whole operation!)

Kathryn & Guy - Relaxed and fun back garden wedding

Kathryn & Guy’s wedding; we’ve been saving this one for you lucky people! Beautifully personal, totally relaxed and most of all, a VERY fun wedding! Held in the brides parents back garden, this sunny September day had us grinning from ear to ear from the moment Kathryn’s Mum put HER wedding dress on. Yep, you heard us right…


Certainly a first for us, Kathryn helping Debbie (exquisite MOTB) into HER wedding dress on the morning of the wedding. The bridal party were treated to a catwalk of 80’s glamour, in the dress that Princess Dianna herself copied! (So we’re lead to believe.)

brides mum wears wedding dress at home wedding

Kathryn & Guy had both said how much they loved the ‘golden hour’ style photos, so when we saw this last tiny bit of sun peeping through the trees we knew we had to grab them quick. Holding back the speeches for two minutes, for this, totally worth it!


Liking what you’re seeing? Drop us an email for 2019 availability (there’s not much left!) - contact us here.


Alice & Danny

Alice & Danny planned their big celebration over the August bank holiday and the weather could not have been more perfect. Alice started her preparations with a busy house of 8 bridesmaids, a bride-man and 1 incredible dress! (Can we have a moment for that please.) For the gorgeous outdoor ceremony we headed to Horwood House in Buckinghamshire where Alice & Danny were married in the gardens of the venue. Lots of photos, smiles, and confetti later we headed to the reception in the vintage Jaguar owned by Alice's uncle. The day wrapped up with a bouquet toss where the winner dropped the flowers, a crave-your-own wedding breakfast and a steal drum band- certainly not your average wedding day! 

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Beth & Matt

Beth & Matt chose to have their day at the incredibly grand Stowe House, Buckinghamshire. Every single corner of this venue is incredible! The ceremony was held in the Marble Saloon room, which is a fantastic round entrance hall. After the ceremony was finished Beth & Matt were driven around to the back of the venue where they had their confetti moment as they walked up the grand staircase (Not something we'd ever done before). Following this they went straight into cutting the cake so it could be served during the drinks reception- our kind of wedding! Little did Beth know Matt had a surprise gift as well- two crystal tiffany champagne flutes, how to make your wedding breakfast taste even better, hey! We took the bride and groom for a sunset photo shoot just intake for the evening entertainment to start.

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Lucy & James

Back in August we had the pleasure of photographing Lucy & James' special day. They chose to start their day in Emberton- the most amazingly gorgeous Buckinghamshire village where Lucy grew up. The sense of community was incredibly present with what seemed like the whole village turning up to see Lucy into the church on her big day. For the reception we headed to Chicheley Hall, the picture perfect country house. (If you haven't been you must, it's beautiful!) Lucy & James had organised a vintage Ice-cream stall and garden games to keep everyone entertained. After taking a stroll around the grounds for photos with us Lucy & James were welcomed into their wedding breakfast. The evening continued with beautifully personal speeches, glasses of wine and lots of dancing- (in those pink Monolo's!) 

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2017 - A year in the making!

Best of 2017 Oxford wedding photography.jpg

2017 - A year in the making!

And here we are already... with our wedding season only just having drawn to a close we are blogging a round up of our whirlwind 2017 for you all to see. It's hard not to go on and on about how lucky we are because, boy we are! The fantastic journeys we have with our brides and grooms every year means we end up friends with so many genuinely amazing couples... And often their furry friends (piglet this shout out is aimed at you!). 

2017- Well, 2017 saw us eat copious quantities of wedding cake, pick and mix and cheese during our first cheese and wine tasting reception! What a treat! It saw Nicole cry at every single speech and certainly produced some exquisite shapes on the dance floor. It was also a year of firsts, our first weekend where we shot more than a single wedding, a first holiday for Stephanie in years (she works far too hard) and also a first, one of our couples is expecting a bundle of joy next year!

With such an incredible year comes lots of learning and developing. And what we have taken away from 2017 is the amazing relationship we have with our clients that we build right from their first email to the final delivery of their images. This is something we only want to improve more and more each year, so with this in mind we have decided to limit the amount of weddings we will be shooting for 2018, this way we can insure that each and every couple has the exclusive experience we offer. If you're interested having us be a part of your day then please get in touch as we now have only 4 dates left for 2018! 

Thank you again, to all our wonderful clients and suppliers that we have worked with throughout 2017 it has been a pleasure. Now time to roll on 2018! 

S&N xx

what we have learnt Bedfordshire wedding photograhy.jpg
relaxed wedding photography.jpg
Torty & Tom Surrey wedding photography
West Sussex petworth wedding photography.jpg
far bridge barns wedding photography.jpg
Stowe wedding photography.jpg




Sami & Jak's Hertfordshire Wedding

Sami & Jak's wedding at Hunton Park, Hertfordshire was too beautiful for words... but we thought we would share some anyway! 

It’s Feb 2015, we’re sat in a little cafe with coffees on the order and  Sami & Jak are discussing the plans for their wedding which is over a year away. We got as far as glasshouse, a 17 guest wedding breakfast, no speeches and a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, and they had us hooked- We had to shoot this wedding!

Sami & Jak are not only fantastic people but are a great example of how your wedding should be a day of doing exactly what you want to do! From the get go both Sami & Jak had stressed how they wanted their day to be about everyone coming together for a fantastic celebration, their focus was definitely on their guests and not themselves. 

For this reason it was important for them to only get married in front of their closets family members, 15 adults and 2 children in fact! Hunton Park’s glass room in Kings Langley was the perfect location for such an intimate  event.  Neither of us had photographed such a small ceremony before, but we both agreed a we would do it again in a heartbeat - The ceremony felt like one of the most personal we had every been a part of. Charlie & Daisy, Jaks’ niece and nephew practiced their walking for the isle and did it on cue with perfection. (Poor Charlie actually got quite upset after the ceremony stating, ‘He was just so happy for them’!)

The fantastic staff at Hunton Park then turned the ceremony room around into a beautiful single table for all 17 wedding guests to have their wedding breakfast. Sami & Jak decided not to have any speeches as Sami’s parents are Chinese and the best man was Spanish- too much would be lost in translation! 

Come the afternoon another 80 guests arrived and the party fell into full swing. There was a traditional Chinese tea ceremony on the lawn which consisted of tea being pasted to family elders from the Bride and Groom, the cake cutting of Sami’s amazing self made cake and dancing galore.

Thank you Sami & Jak for having such a beautiful day- there were many firsts for us, but will certainly be one we will not forget.

Hunton Park Hertfordshire

Lucy & Jonnie's Wedding at Denbies Vineyard

In the week leading up to a wedding there is a lot of prep involved. Sorting out timings of the day, fixing last minute changes and most importantly checking the weather… It’s the beginning of May and the week before Lucy and Jonnie’s wedding and its…snowing. SNOW?!? So we pack our wedding umbrella and wellies and keep our fingers crossed. Someone somewhere must have heard us because in fact in turned out to be the hottest day of 2016 so far! You just cant predict them!

Lucy and Jonnie didn't let the changing weather affect them. (Lucy was actually one of the calmest brides we have ever come across.) Not even a bridal party sobbing at the arrival of the Rolls Royce wedding car stopped Lucy from being as cool as a cucumber.

The ceremony was held at St Saviours church in the centre of Guildford. Readings and anecdotes read out by Tom who was leading the ceremony were amazingly personal as he had connections to both sides of the family. 

After the tea and cake had been eaten and the confetti thrown Lucy and Jonnie headed to Denbies Vineyard for their reception. (Denbies is the largest vineyard in the country- it’s got over 200 acres!) Obviously we didn't have time to drive around all the 200 acres, but Lucy and Jonnie were keen to have some couple shots within the vines overlooking the rolling hills. We even managed to find a bluebell wood.

The evening continued with emotional speeches, fantastic food, (even more fantastic dance moves) and of course lots of local wine. 

Thank you Lucy and Jonnie for a beautiful wedding day, we wish you all the happiness in your new life together. 


Amanda & Pat's Wedding at Goodwood House

Hello 2016 wedding season!

What a way to kick of the season with Amanda & Pat's wedding at the beautiful Goodwood House in Chichester, West Sussex, and boy was the weather on our side! After preparing ourselves with umbrellas and wellies we had the best sunshine of the year so far! 

Amanda added lots of beautiful personal touches throughout the day. For a start the mother of the bride, June made the beautiful pastel coloured dresses for the brideasmades as well as Amanda's two wedding dresses! Amanda made her own three tiered wedding cake which was beautiful (and delicious!). Clearly talent runs in the family! Amanda and Pat had chosen to walk out of the ceremony to the Star Wars theme tune- Pat's influence there. However, unbeknownst to Pat, Amanda took the joke a little further and hired two storm troopers to escort them out of the ceremony. 

Celebrations contained into the evening with drinks, 80's pop hits and a pop up photo booth. We can't thank Amanda and Pat enough for letting us be a part of their day, a beautiful day to start off the wedding season.

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