2017 Wedding Trends - Pantone of the Year - Greenery

Pantone 2017 Greenery example
Wedding Photography of a Greenery trend floristry.

Now we are not for a second suggesting you run out and buy bright green, table cloths, favours and bridesmaids dresses (although we're sure they would love you for this!) in the pantone of the year; Greenery. But we are here to show you what this trend is really about and explore how you could incorporate it into your wedding styling if this is what you truly desire! 

While green may not be the colour of choice when you are thinking about your wedding colours, but as wedding photographers it is actually one of our favourites. The reason being that green in all its simplicity evokes so many feelings of; natural; relaxed; freshness; outdoors & countryside. 

“A refreshing and revitalising shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.”

Here is some ideas... 


There is so much you can do with tablescaping and sometimes simplicity is is best. Adding little touches with foliage, glass ornaments, jars, candles. It's the simple touches that just make the difference, sometimes less is more.  

tablescape greenery little jars wedding styling


wedding lader styling with jam jars, foliage, ivy and rustic
table plan flowers

Photographs of how Lucy & Will captured Greenery so effortlessly.  

The obvious choice and also the easiest way to incorporate 'Greenery" into your day is to add it into your wedding flowers. It is pretty normal for a wedding bouquet to include green but some extra ways to incorporate and add a little something extra is with buttonholes and lovely embellishments to bridal hair. Emma & Matt nailed this and it was a great extra touch to their DIY styled barn wedding! 


No your venue doesn't need to be green either!!! We have seen some beautiful countryside wedding venues and churches that have just been elevated with the simple touch of a 'floral wreath thing' over the doors. Don't quote me on that name.. wait.. google.... wedding arch? Maybe best to ask a florist here!

Destination Wedding

We photographed a couple of destination weddings last year that were abundant in greenery, beautiful palms and sunshine of course sounds ideal! 

Outdoor Wedding

Thought about an outdoor wedding venue! Yes somewhat risky business in England I know but outdoor ceremonies are very special! They are often a lot more relaxed and make for stunning photographs. 

Marque Weddings

For some more inspiration we have searched the web and found these beautiful goodies as inspiration for you! Check these dreamy articles out by clicking on images below. 

Thats all for now, looking forward to writing our next blog for you already xx