We are Stephanie & Nicole...

Because two is better than one right?! 

gold line that depicts two photographers

Stephanie & Nicole, two wedding photographers, working together based between Bedfordshire and West Sussex.

If you’re here you probably know us, the smiley duo embracing every second - the laughing, the crying, and everything in between. Garden parties, flower crowns, and inhaling confetti; documenting those real moments in the golden light. So be nosey, fire over many questions, and tell us about you!

Louise & Joe

Louise & Joe had such a fun day at The Grove Hotel, lets face it the Israeli dancing did NOT disappoint. It was... AMAZING!

Sam & Ollie

Sam & Ollie's was winter inspired, we are talking a wine a cheese tasting reception, the coolest country house take over and sparklers! 

Holly & Charles

4am. wedding day. Our hearts broke when we got the news from our couple that their reception marquee was brought down in the wind. This album shows what is achievable when a wonderful community pulls together and works tirelessly throughout the night.

50 tons of grain & tractors 🚜 were moved out of a working barn to create the most incredible last minute venue.